Facebook Gaming Launch Party.

Facebook Gaming Visual Identity.

This was a fun project i had the pleasure of shepherding at Facebook. The brief was clear. After years of different legacy logos and residual FarmVille associations,  there was a clear need for a unified Facebook Gaming visual brand that would enable us to present a consistent, recognizable face to the world. The ultimate goal was to create a cohesive visual system that felt welcoming to newcomers and casual gamers yet still appealed to core gamers. The new branding needed to support the Facebook Gaming positioning — which centers around play, content, and community — and the team's mission of building the world's community for gamers.

FBGamingGlyph _RGB Color.png

The new Facebook Gaming brand identity we created is flexible and modular, incorporating aesthetic elements of both the core and the casual gaming communities. It's rooted in Facebook Inc.'s broader brand identity but pushes our color palette and other visual elements in new directions to be relevant to the gaming audience.

The new branding centers around an adaptive and modular glyph that evokes the way Facebook assembles different gaming communities on one platform. The glyph pairs well with partner or creator IP, highlighting our role as a platform for the broader ecosystem of gaming creators, developers, and publishers.

The new identity made its debut at E3 in June 2018 — at the Facebook Gaming booth, pre-party, etc. — and a redesigned Facebook Gaming Creators website. 

Creative Director: Concept/Creative Direction