Captain Morgan

Logo mark for Captain Morgan’s #under30potus campaign.

Exploratory logo sprint for - charity founded by Hugh Jackman.

IBM Interactive Experience

Exploratory design sprint for IBM iX - IBM’s global design entity which helps clients digitally reinvent businesses. The Logo mark played with the idea of mobility & flexibility and meant to symbolize strategy, creativity, and technology coming together in a bespoke way to serve each client need.

Trident Bureau of Fun

Logo & Experience design created for a fictitious bureau - designed to add a bit of fun in everyday life. This was a multi-part campaign that launched with a social connect experience on Facebook. See the entire campaign here:

Trident - See What Unfolds

An experiential event which was a surprise concert for 5K people on a random Wednesday afternoon in NYC. All assets were designed for the event including stage design, collateral, print materials, and special swag. See the entire project here: