VIDCON 2018 - Facebook Watch Experiential Activation

I had the pleasure of working with Facebook as a Creative Director to create Facebook’s first ever experiential activation at YouTube’s Vidcon Conference. Our assignment was to connect with a teen audience at one of the biggest expos for young content creators. What we knew was the Facebook brand has lost a lot of luster with this young audience who find themselves connecting more with other content platforms. We decided to take a content first approach and create a space that put creators at the forefront. What we built was a hub which functioned as a fun meeting place - featuring a stage where teens could meet their favorite internet celebrities and showcased the lively content ecosystem of the Facebook Watch platform. We made this a truly fun space where teens could interact with the Facebook brand as a whole - and get inspired by some of their favorite creators on the Facebook Watch platform.

The design of our booth was inspired by the Facebook Watch Play Glyph which was featured as a prominent design element. The space featured five mini experiences - which brought to life the five Facebook Reactions in a fun and instagram worthy way. On the outside we prominently featured the reactions as a design element and shied away from using any branding in a prominent way.

We also leveraged Facebook Reactions and created fun video animations that were served up as interstitial content bumpers in-between creator content trailers on the Facebook Watch platform. These were created to be visual eye candy and captured attention of expo attendees for three days.

Creative Directon
Animation: Buck
Booth Build: CIVIC